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...Quando uno strumento in disuso
... si traforma in un oggetto decorativo e di tendenza






      “I like challenges,” says Italian jewellery designer Ludovica Cirillo of her collection ecotech bijou which takes its creative inspiration from the environmental practice of reuse, a concept particularly important in today’s wasteful consumerist society. It was this inspiration that the young designer expressed in 2010 in her first solo exhibition at the Margutta RistorArte in Rome where she gained the acclaim of audiences and critics alike, as well as numerous celebrities and fashion greats (Arbore, Capucci, Fendi sisters, Sarli). Her creations have since attracted the attention of the national broadcast media (Tg1, RAI International, La7, Telecamere RAI ), international fashion magazines ( , Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Rundschau), and numerous national newspapers...               



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